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As far as anecdota evidence, I agree that one can ignore the fact that you know your own body the best, so you may well have experienced the improvements you have with a change in diet. One thing I add is that there the concept of generalizability, meaning what good for you will not necessarily be applicable to an entire group of people. You essentially a sample size of one, these investigations need to take place in large populations to capture different associations and develop guidelines for the general public..

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I also have a 2016 Z71 Colorado. I had a 24″ highway package clear mask installed that covers the whole front end of the hood and bumper including the headlights and sideview mirrors. 2″ wheel spacers from Titan. If your plant is outside: indicate both your location and plant hardiness zone. Plant was fine for 2 months, started hanging over the last month. Can I still fix it? (dypsis lutescens from ikea)Trying to figure out why my Chinese money plant is droopy at the bottom.

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