And I liked psionics.AlleRacing 6 points submitted 1 day agoMany are mentioned in the cross threaded post, but the gladius is completely wrong, ninjato is fictional (chokuto is real, but looks different), many of those are not actually that common. The lengths listed are very inconsistent, some are blade lengths, some are weapon lengths, some give a range, some provide what is basically the longest iteration (a 213 cm zweihander is absolutely gargantuan, for example). Terms like shortsword and longsword aren any particular sword, hell, many of those words literally mean sword.Falcata probably the most worth the feat.

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Or you can spend an entire evening or weekend or whatever. The sheer volume of unlockable weapons and the procedurally generated levels, enemies, and item placement mean that you have an infinite combination of unique runs depending on what weapons you keep and how you spend your upgrade points. It deals with depression and anxiety in a smart, concise, and believable way it a real surprise in a game which doesn need to do that part well to succeed..

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