11. (As in my cousin baby placenta, although i guess the baby is a cousin too? Cousin squared.) Still not sure why the hospital sent it home with her, she didn ask for it that we know of. (She was high as balls when she had the baby, something went fucky and they had to deliver the kid with medical grade salad tongs.

But we had an honest conversation of that he was a hard worker, going to school, and does not sacrifice anything to fund his habit. I tried to equate it to my unhealthy addiction to Mountain Dew, oddly enough. I’d say weed is better tbh.. If I were going straight for policy, probably Elizabeth Warren. But unfortunately I don’t think that she would win in the general. She could probably unite and energize democrats, but I don’t think she’d have much sway with independents.

I am thinking that you go to the police. You don’t have to file a complaint but they should be able to give you guidance. Just walk out, what is she doing about it?. Maybe you didn’t notice it, but by bringing it up a month after the fact makes things complicated, because who knows what actually happened to contaminate the paint that way. Also your talk about paint defects and rusting go straight out the window since you’re seeing it on your plastic headlights. Use some common sense!.

You can single fire so fast without any real recoil. Additionally if you miss at first but they are far away, they have no clue at all where you are, they might take cover in a spot that perfectly open to your angle. It even viable for auto fire if you not afraid of using a 4x scope in close combat (cheek pad recommended though).

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Watch the games and you will see Rozier aimlessly dribble the ball above the 3 point line wasting large portions of the shot clock, unable to run pick and roll or get to the basket off the dribble, rarely ever passing the ball to a teammate in an advantageous position for them to shoot or drive, and unable to score efficiently himself outside of catch and shoot 3s, every now and then he gets a couple heat checky 3s off the dribble to fall. That is why the offense sucks when he is on the court. Meanwhile when he is off we have an egalitarian offense with Kyrie being a transcendent level scorer.