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How it’s balanced and effects other areas of the existing game should be gated fairly high to people who have experienced the areas of the game that will be effected.Also, newer players in a game like Runescape really have more experience than a lot of other games. Most people that are low total level in this game are either pures of some sort that only make their account for pking(I can understand gating them away from PvM content on that account) and players who have experience with Runescape in some form or fashion coming back to the game. Like myself, I’m only 1400 hermes replica birkin total level currently but I’m 2300+ on RS3.

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People don make bomb threats, same reason. Yet I constantly hearing about vegans harassing, stealing and vandalizing businesses, but only small ones, the big ones are just getting angry Facebook posts. Why? You can tell me vegans are somehow more determined than extremists, the mentally ill or sex offenders, so why is this such a prominent and consistent issue? Cause to the public that just sounds like you not concerned with the issue..

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