Magic secrets? Dancing the night away at a Frankie Valli concert instead of sitting at home on bedrest. No joke, my therapist, who specializes in patients with infertility, had told me I need three days of bedrest. I looked up studies that said bedrest worsened IVF results due to poor blood flow and increased stress.

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Gaviglio came in to wrap up the 5th. He immediately allowed a run on a fielder’s choice, before retiring Moroff and Stamets. The 6th wasn’t as smooth. You sidestepped the 2005 trial, but that ok. We can discuss this instead if you like. I also find this to be a weak claim.

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BTW a common term for the unique number of signals that can be sent by a digital transmitter (particularly if the transmitter can modulate two things, such as amplitude and phase with QAM) is called a “constellation”. Something that strictly transmits a 0 or a 1 would have a constellation size of 2. Something that has a recognizable code for each letter of the alphabet would have a constellation size of 26.