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buy canada goose jacket I not saying I convinced the official story is correct, either. I purely saying I open to any theory, but I won believe it without very strong evidence. Coincidences do happen. Mew is notoriously bad at explaining things. I wonder if anyone else can shed some light on this.As someone who has been accidentally Mewing my entire life (at least the tongue posture part, as it is my natural tongue posture, but I never consumed a hard diet and I allowed myself to develop a forward head posture, but I always breathed through my nose and kept my tongue on the roof of my mouth just by accident), I think the first bit is the correct bit: simply close your mouth and breath through your nose, and correct your neck posture. And you will do it naturally.I think correcting your neck posture is a key bit that I was missing my whole life, as I have noticed through consciously monitoring my neck posture that when swallowing with proper neck posture, the upward force of the tongue is much stronger on the roof of the mouth, leading to my tongue becoming sore over the course of a full day of swallowing buy canada goose jacket.