Compare the two Oldboy movies for example. The American version has the liberty of being more graphic but doesn’t, yet it doesn’t achieve the level of mind fuck that the Korean one does, and the original one doesn’t do so by being graphic, in fact, the last 20 minutes are a cinematic master piece because they achieve so much by using words, not images. It’s a beautiful, absolutely messed up fairytale we are being told that is so horrible that it compels everyone to fall apart and make choices that no one in their right mind could make, unless they hypnotized themselves to forget how messed up the truth actually is..

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Police arrested the baby’s biological mother, Theresa Bentaas, 57, on Friday after DNA and genetic genealogy identified her as the suspect, Detective Michael Webb said at a news conference. She was charged with first degree murder, second degree murder and manslaughter and booked on $250,000 bail. An attorney for Bentaas could not be immediately located..

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