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canada goose factory sale As the article states, presidents aren flippant with language, and when they are it canada goose outlet ontario cannot be ignored or shrugged off as whimsy, or whatever.Chris canada goose jacket outlet toronto Hedges wrote a pretty good article on Truthdig last year called “Signs of canada goose outlet toronto factory Creeping Fascism Are All Around Us”, which I think is worth a read.Propagandistic use of outwardly virtuous ideals (including anti corruption, democracy, liberty and free speech) to advance abhorrent ends that contradict those ideals.An insidious attack on truth and on people’s ability to perceive and agree on truth. Regular and repeated obvious lying is combined with the advance of conspiracy theories and the promotion of “news as sports” and demagogic strongmen as “stars.”An ugly faith in natural hierarchies of worth and a rejection of equality as cheap Canada Goose dangerous, unnatural, Marxist and liberal delusion.An aggrieved and counterfeit sense of victimhood among dominant “us” groups (racial, ethnic and/or religious) that feel threatened by having to share citizenship, resources and power with minority groups (“them”).A stern embrace of law and order that targets canada goose outlet vaughan mills minority others (“them”) as criminal threats to the safety and security of the majority (“us”).Sexual anxiety about the threat supposedly posed by minority, criminal and alien others to “our” traditional male roles, status and family values.A loathing of cities seen as racially and sexually corrupt, ethnically impure, sexually perverse, parasitic criminal zones loaded with a polyglot mass of some inferior, nation weakening “them.” By contrast, the rural countryside is lauded as the noble wellspring of virtue, strength, self sufficiency and racial ethnic purity. The rural heartland/fatherland/motherland/homeland is the ebay uk canada goose sacred and foundational “blood and soil” preserve of “us.” It is the noble native soil of the “volk” the true ancestral people who embody the spirit of a once grand nation that needs to be made great again through the defeat of liberal and supposedly leftist elites who have been giving the nation’s resources and power away to naturally inferior others (“them”).A sense of the chosen people majority (“us”) as hard working, upright, virtuous and deserving, combined with the notion of demonized minorities and others (“them”) as lazy, dissolute, shifty and undeserving.Is Trump’s narcissism a problem for his backers? Not really canada goose factory sale.